ChiroQueen Academy provides an amazing one of a kind intenseive hands on educational bootcamp to certify chiropractors to qualify to become ChiroQueen Concierge Providers. our ChiroQueen Concierge Provider Network. Differentiate yourself as a unique medical expert in women’s pelvic floor health. ChiroQueen Concierge empowers female chiropractors to become leaders in collaborative medical provider networks.

Advance your knowledge of women’s MSK health and take advantage of four weeks paid intensive training at the ChiroQueen Academy where we pay you to learn one on one with Dr. Vicki Hemmett about pelvic floor research, anatomy, dysfunction, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment of common pelvic floor dysfunction conditions such as incontinence, chronic pelvic pain, prolapse, dyspareunia and low back pain (a $17,000+ value). Yes, 95.3% of women with low back pain have pelvic floor dysfunction. Enjoy the freedom of treating 8-12 patients per day for three full and two half days per week, in the privacy of their own homes.

The ChiroQueen Academy was developed to blow the whistle on the silent epidemic of female pelvic floor dysfunction through educational opportunities for medical providers, women and female chiropractors. ChiroQueen Academy strives to educate medical providers to identify the signs and symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, perform a Rockstar intravaginal manual examination and make great referrals for care. the amazing opportunities for female chiropractors to successfully treat and compassionately normalize women’s health care needs.

We are all ChiroQueens! This is our safe, innovative, creative, compassionate community of like-minded providers, patients, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and loved ones. By boldly stepping into the space where we identify and normalize these common conditions; we see that we are not alone. There is both hope and safe effective treatment methods to return to us to our lives feeling empowered, vibrant, confident and relieved.

ChiroQueen Concierge Provider Benefits

  • Revolutionize the chiropractic profession and liberate women from the silent epidemic of female pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Empower yourself with the tools to be a medical expert in your community and tremendous resource for your patients.
  • Achieve your full potential as a female chiropractic physician.
  • Practice satisfaction and joy.


Welcome to the ChiroQueen Community

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2335 Tamiami Trl N Suite 408
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2335 Tamiami Trl N Suite 408
Naples FL, 34103