Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

What is Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

Each muscle within the pelvic floor may become weak because it has trigger points or spastic portion(s) of the muscle which inhibit is normal ability to contract and relax. .

If we try to strengthen these already tight muscles of the pelvic floor, not only will the condition not improve, but we could create a new problem or make the current condition worse. It is essential to treat the spastic portion first. This may by itself release a muscle and allow it to function correctly.


Strengthening a weak muscle is not a one size fits all. We must pay particular attention to power and endurance of each muscle and train them differently according to their function. We must also train them to co-contract with the rest of the “lower core” transverse abdominus, internal obliques and diaphragm.

The pelvic floor is the missing link in the “lower core” and lumbopelvic stabilization training.

Most pelvic floor conditions are caused by a combination of weak and spastic pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor manual release techniques play an important role in diagnosing and treating both the weak and spastic muscles involved with each individual case of dyspareunia. Manual techniques increase the woman’s awareness of her pelvic floor muscles, release trigger and tender points, normalize the overactivity, and increase the strength of the of weak pelvic floor muscles.

Diagnosing and correcting spasticity in relation to the corresponding joint function of the hips, pelvis, low back and lower extremity are essential to fully normalize the relationship between the pelvic floor and these structures. Proper functioning and movement of these joint complexes is essential to decreasing abnormal stress upon the pelvic floor and a healthy functioning pelvic floor is a core stabilizing factor for these structures.

Pelvic Floor Screening Tool

Evidence-based Cozean Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Screening Tool

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