The Evolution of ChiroQueen


The idea of ChiroQueen has been brewing for many years!

Dr. Vicki has been hoping to scale her success of Pelvic Power Release to reach the thousands of women who suffer with low back pain, pain during pregnancy and, with the silent epidemic of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Dr. Vicki always was drawn to women’s health; particularly pregnancy care. She was able to find her dream job, by purchasing an existing practice with her husband in 2002 and collaborating with OBGYN practices to effectively manage all aspects of NMS health during pregnancy. After 10 years of practicing alongside a fabulous OBGYN practice, it was then where she was introduced to the idea of pelvic floor health; and she dove into anatomy, neurology and treatment with passion in 2011 developing the nuances and subsequent success of Pelvic Power Technique.

She felt frustrated with existing treatment options for pelvic floor dysfunction and found that there was a gap in education with effective, efficient, empowering options. Dr. Vicki drew upon her palpation experience, her manipulative skills, her curious and innovative mindset to develop a truly unique treatment protocol; Pelvic Power Release Techniques. Over the next decade, Dr. Vicki was able to diagnose, treat and heal hundreds of women suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.

During this time, Dr. Vicki was able to co-lecture with Dr. Jennie Lowell, at the College of Medicine at the University of Vermont. She taught the OBGYN residents musculoskeletal anatomy and function as well as palpation techniques in order to make a great referral to a pelvic floor provider.

This experience lit a fire with her for her love of teaching and the desire to bring pelvic floor dysfunction, uncommonly known as the silent epidemic, into the mainstream. To normalize therapy, to empower more women to seek care and to not be embarrassed or ashamed to speak of pelvic floor dysfunction.

ChiroQueen was born and Dr. Vicki is ecstatic to bring it to life! She is eager, excited and so thrilled to share her passion, wisdom, experience and mastery of Pelvic Power Release Techniques with other providers.

Female chiropractic physicians are perfectly positioned to treat pelvic floor dysfunction as we are experts in joint manipulation, palpation of muscles, ligaments, fascia and soft tissues as well as understanding the biomechanics of the pelvis, hips, spine. These structures are both anatomically and neurologically related to the pelvic floor and have evidence-based influence on the function of the PF. It is truly amazing!

Collectively, together, we can ALL shift and revolutionize women’s health care with a collaborative, bold, empowering approach that will restore confidence, joy and celebration of a woman’s body throughout all stages of her life!

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2335 Tamiami Trl N Suite 408
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